Facilitating every facet of entrepreneurial development

Entrepreneurs accelerate the economic development of an emerging economy by creating new products & services, employing people and paying taxes. The wealth they generate is pumped back into the system so that governments can reinvest. While they have been doing this for decades, they still need policymakers to build the supportive business environment to enable them to thrive. This is the sole reason why Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence came into being.

CEE bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and policy makers and raises awareness on both fronts. We are on our way to building a technology platform to open channels for key entrepreneurs to voice their opinion on a certain policy or requirements and it’s our aim to ensure that they get heard!

Our mantra is – BE HEARD. We are here to build awareness amongst entrepreneurs on ways they can leverage different policies, ask for grants and use funds that are available through government channels like DST, MSME, TIDE to name a few. We are committed to build an ecosystem that thrives through public good.

Together we can and we will make a difference

Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence

11th main, 4th block, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560034
Email: contact@be-heard.in

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